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Dec 22, 2008

Why Medias’ Woos will be a Boon to PR

Stack of magazinesOver the past few months, several magazines have been laying people off or going to online versions only. This isn’t the first time that the publishing industry has been hit by magazine closures and layoffs – remember the dot com bust as advertising dried up and new media pubs died off one by one.

I think this recent trend will provide a boon to PR professionals. With smaller staffs, shrinking pages and limited air time, it will be even more difficult to get the media’s attention. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about blogs and larger blog networks, I’m talking about traditional print and broadcast media.

Why PR is More Important than Ever

Layoffs are happening throughout the industry and marketing departments typically get hit first. Marketing professionals and internal PR staff are faced with doing more with less. And during a downturn, media coverage is a cost-effective way to keep your company in the forefront of your customers. Being top of mind now will pay off when budgets loosen up as we come out of the downturn.

The PR agency or professional who can secure results that incorporate key messages, while lessening the work on their clients, will become more valuable.


I asked folks for their thoughts on Twitter (also appeared on my Facebook page) and here is what they said:



Thanks to @Tdefren, @shonali, @Aerocles and Rachel Bennett for their feedback.


Oct 30, 2008

Be Passionate or Quit!

I recently saw Gary Vee’s Video keynote (via HubSpot) from the MarketingProfs Digital Mixer.

To paraphrase part of his keynote, he said that if you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, then quit. Quit now. Find what you’re looking for.


This reminds me of my friend Molly Rosen

When Molly was about to turn 40, she went to a book store looking for a book to help her with this significant transition in her life. However, she left the book store empty handed. Encouraged by her husband, Molly decided to compile an anthology herself. She left her successful career as VP with a top leadership management firm and embarked on this endeavor.

Earlier this month, Molly launched the culmination of her passion – “Knowing Pains: Women on Love, Sex and Work in our 40’s” – an anthology of 32 essays from women discussing marriage, motherhood, work and illness. And with titles like The Naked Truth, Strung Together, and What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been, you’re definitely in for book full of laughs, tears and heartache.

For me, the book transcends women in their 40’s (granted, that’s just around the bend for me!). It’s about what it means to be a woman regardless of your age. Rather, it’s about how we, as women, go through life. Some essays will resonate now. Others will resonate in the future.

What’s even more amazing? Molly isn’t profiting from the book. Rather, all net proceeds are being donated to breast cancer research, a diseases that is particularly personal to women.

Be Passionate or Quit!

So what are you doing today? What are you passionate about? In the spirit of this post, I will be giving away my copy of my book – passing along the inspirational essays in the book.

All you have to do is leave a comment about your passion. If you’re inspired to write a post on this topic, just link back.

On Thanksgiving, I’ll select someone from random. What a better way to say thanks?
Jul 20, 2008

How to Beat the Summer (Blogging) Slump Meme

I was tagged by Larissa Fair of Livingston Buzz for a meme on how to beat the summer blogging slump.  It’s been crazy busy at work but here’s my responses to Larissa:

4 things you like about summer

  • Warm, sunny days now that I live up in  North Bay. If you’ve ever been to San Francisco in the summer, you know what I mean.
  • Lounging around on the deck with a drink in hand
  • Being lazy with more sunlight to waste
  • Napping, well, because it’s my hobby =)

4 of your favorite vacation destinations

  • Hawaii, especially Maui where I got married
  • Paris when it’s just rained and it smells so fresh outside
  • Kaoshiung, Taiwan – it’s the southern most part of the island that is gorgeous
  • Wine country – it’s so close to the Bay Area, you can take a quick 1 or 2 day trip to get away

4 of your favorite summer foods

  • Corn on the cob, especially when it sticks in your teeth
  • Frest watermelon on a warm summer’s night
  • Margaritas. Need I say more?
  • BBQs – anything on a grill just reminds me of summer

4 concerts not to miss (note, I’m not a big music person, so this list is incomplete)

  • Stern Grove concert series – every Sunday, a new musical act comes into town for a concert
  • KFOG Kaboom – thought not technically held in the summer, the annual May event says that summer is around the corner

4 things to avoid during the summer

  • Working outside in the hot sun
  • Bugs bits – they just love my blood
  • Staying at work too long – need to balance work/life balance, right?
  • Getting wrapped up in everything that needs to be done (prob with Type A’s =)

As I haven’t been able to see who’s been tagged for this meme, I apologize in advance if you’ve already participated. Julius Solaris, Chris Brogan, Cam Beck, and Teena Touch.

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May 18, 2008

Tagged – What's on page 123?

Mack Collier tagged me a couple of weeks ago on a meme about what I’m reading right now. The rules was to share the 6th through 8th sentences on page 123. I’m currently reading Freakonomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner. Here’s the passage:

“In other words, the net effect of crack is still being felt in the form of violent crime, to say nothing of the miseries the drug itself continues to cause.

The final pair of crime-drop explanations concern two demographic trends. The first one received many media citations: aging of the population.

I tend to grow through cycles – read fiction books, magazines and then marketing/business books. I’m currently in my marketing/business phase. In addition to Freakonomics, I finally finished David Meerman Scott’s book, The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to use news releases, blogs, podcasts, viral marketing and online media to reach your buyers directly (2007). 

I haven’t reviewed books on my blog yet, but I may soon. Sigh – just more things to do =)

I’m tagging Ken Molay and Tom PIck on their current reads.

All content copyright Cece Salomon-Lee, Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported, with the attribution: By Cece Salomon-Lee, PR Meets Marketing, and a link to the post.

May 8, 2008

I am Joseph Jaffe

I am Joseph JaffeIn early April, my husband and I attended the Blogger Social in New York. This was a great event, meeting all these great bloggers.

What was extra special is the support that this community provides to one another. As part of the last night dinner, a donation was given to the Frozen Pea Fund, a non-profit organization to fight cancer.

This organization was inspired by Susan Reynold’s fight against cancer. I briefly met Susan at the Blogger Social but didn’t fully realize that this was the same person behind the Boobs On Ice blog, which chronicles her experiences and recovery.

So why am I wearing a “I am Joseph Jaffe” name tag? It’s because I’m really Joseph Jaffe in drag – you decide! But seriously, this all started when Joseph Jaffe didn’t attend the dinner (rumor is he was sick?). So a couple of folks decided to “auction” off the name tag for the charity. And in ever more marketing brilliance (I was at the table with Cam Beck and Geoff Livingston when this idea was hatched), the name tag has been making appearances all over.

The catch? Anyone photographed with the name tag would then donate $25 to the Frozen Pea Fund. Now this has inspired a flickr group and a rumored site… Cam, where is it?

What does this demonstrate? The true power of community. Technology is giving us the ability to meet new people and forge new friendships. In person events like the Blogger Social provide an opportunity for these bonds to become stronger in person. Yet, the true power doesn’t lie in the applications we use – blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. (granted they help us expand our communities) – rather it’s in the people we meet and get to know.

Apr 9, 2008

Off topic: Beijing Olympic Torch Relay

Beijing Olympics IconI don’t include my political leanings on this blog. That’s not the purpose. With that said, the recent uproar over the torch relay hits home a bit.

I majored in East Asian Studies with a heavy dose of Chinese language and culture. I lived in Tianjin (2 hours south of Beijing via train) for one year in undergrad and Taipei for three years after graduating. So I’ve been exposed to the dialogue on China for years.

The torch relay in San Francisco will be tumultous. Though I don’t support disrupting the runners, I am amazed at how “organized” some of the protests have been.

I believe that the run up to the Olympics will not be what the Chinese government wanted. An opportunity to showcase China around the world. But i also believe that they underestimated the response. Whether it’s too late or not, the government is seeking a PR agency to inevitably help in the run up.

This will be a fascinating inflection in China’s global relations.  The question is whether China considers this  a loss of face or an opportunity to open up. If history is any indication, I think the former will be true and further isolate China from the rest of the world.

In the end, I hope the politics don’t prevent the atheletes from fulfilling their lifelong dreams.

Update: The route was changed to avoid the large crowd of pro-torch and protesters near the previously announced route. I tried to catch a bit of history and missed it unfortunately. Sounds as if protesters were able to catch up to the torch. I’ll have to see it on TV tonight.



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