Mar 29, 2011
Cece Salomon-Lee

Launch of The Virtual Buzz

The Virtual BuzzI’m excited to announce the launch of The Virtual Buzz, a new venture that I’m undertaking with Donna Sanford of Sanford Project Partners. I had the pleasure of working with Donna, first as editor of EXPO Magazine and then as part of our work on behalf of the Virtual Edge Summit. 

Our common interest in virtual and hybrid events brought us together. With Donna’s how-to take related to her journalism background and my role on the vendor side to follow and anlyze trends and trend setters, we recognized a synergy and opportunity to blend these perspectives to bring you the best on virtual and hybrid environments.

Our goal is to two-fold: 

  • – analyze the trends, report the news and uncover best practices
  • – curate the best content on hybrid and virtual environments available online

Simply, our goal is to highlight what people are buzzing about within the industry.

So what does this mean for PR Meets Marketing? I still plan to write about public relations and marketing here; but future posts on virtual events not related to marketing and PR will now live on The Virtual Buzz.

As I wrote in my first post for the site, “The Current State of the Virtual Environment Industry“:

And on behalf of Donna and myself, we hope that you will be a passenger along for the ride, seeing what’s buzzing in hybrid & virtual environments on our new adventure, The Virtual Buzz.

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