Nov 13, 2007

Blink in a Flash


Malcolm Gladwell’s book Blink explains how we can have “rapid cognition” in a blink in a eye. This can have us intuitively know why something is a fake, perceive a situation in a certain way or jump to a conclusion.I have to admit, I had a “blink” moment when I read TechCrunch the other day. They were soliciting questions in advance of their interview with John Edwards. I focused on the part about putting questions in the comments section, that I didn’t realize that is was related to technology topics. Um – yeah!

I know, I know. So what did I put in the comments? Questions about poverty and how he can become the Democratic nominee with Clinton and Obama in the lead (check the screenshot). Sigh.

Just teaches me – take your time, read through everything and then respond. =)

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